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Color in Art and Design

Color in Art and Design is an online asynchronous course at Western New England University I created to support transferable skills in non-majors. Projects are designed to also support other majors on campus (business/marketing, comp sci, communications), and the curriculum is a combination of intro studio, art appreciation, and survey course approaches. Portfolios represent curated and concise overviews of projects and concepts from the course.

View Portfolio by McKenna Gilroy, Fall 2023

View Portfolio by Amy Ly, Fall 2023

Drawing I

Drawing I at Western New England University is a studio art course for non-majors, often students with little experience creating art. 

Thematic projects were designed to be experimental student-driven concepts, focusing on mixed media and development of the creative process and practice. The full portfolio demonstrates how students practiced research, ideation, development, and revision.

View thematic project portfolio by Kayla Curameng, Spring 2022

View thematic projects

Portrait contrasts illustrate growth from the start of class to mid-semester. A pre-instruction self-portrait was assigned as the first homework assignment of the semester and students were asked not to look up tutorials, etc. These portraits are compared to mid-semester self-portraits created after studying materials and proportions.

View pre-instruction vs project self-portraits

Organic abstraction projects introduced students to early 20th century abstract artists, and for most students, introduced the concept of abstraction as a whole. Students were encouraged to explore ink and mixed media, patterns, textures, and basic compositional design principles. 

View Organic Abstraction





For reference, a collection of early student work, mostly color theory (digital and oil painting)

Student Work Archive 2005-2013









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