Collection: Last Sequoia on Earth x Adam Michael Kozak (2023 - )

Last Sequoia on Earth is an audio-visual exercise in “both can exist,” normalizing dichotomy and uncertainty. This work addresses and mourns the weighty reality of environmental collapse while simultaneously presenting a space for both creators and viewers to escape that same reality.  Created via call and response between myself and audio artist Adam Michael Kozak, this work embodies both isolation through individual process and connection through collaboration. A full installation with additional audio-visual content scheduled for Fall 2024 will invite the viewer to physically step out of a familiar environment into one both sorrowful and soothing, connective and disruptive, heavy and buoyant.

The track "Last Sequoia on Earth" is now released in digital and vinyl formats on the album "Waves of Quietus," available on The video for "Last Sequoia on Earth" :