Collection: Bonding x Maggie Siebert (2021)

These small-scale ink pieces respond to Maggie Siebert’s provoking and jarring collection of short stories called BONDING. I call 'em "when-ya-know-ya-know illustrations"- abstract at first glance, but quite literal if you've read the stories. Purchase the book via Apocalypse Party Press here.

"Maggie understands that splatter for splatter’s sake is boring. Psychopathy is boring. Coldness is boring. She’s interested in feeling, and when her stories turn violent (as they frequently do), it’s with a surreal emotional barbarity that distorts the entire world. You can mop up blood with any fabric. Maggie’s concern is with the wound left behind, because the wound never leaves—it haunts. As a result, each of these stories leaves a wound of its own. Some weep, watching as you try (and fail) to recover. Others laugh. But never without feeling."
—B.R. Yeager, author of Negative Space