Exhibition scheduled for January, 2014

I'm happy to announce that my work will be part of a three-person exhibition in January of 2014. The exhibition, called "A Balance Between," will take place at GoggleWorks in Reading, PA, and feature my ink on mylar drawings with the work of artists Stephanie Lauretano and Wendy Wolf. We are very excited about showing our work together!

From our exhibition proposal:

In “A Balance Between,” each artist addresses her personal relationships with her external world.  This personal connection takes different forms for each of them, but inherent in their works is a connection with nature through the materials used, visual inspirations, and the physical environments the work exists in.  A thread of continuity in thought unite their work. Kerry’s delicate ink drawings, Wendy’s large scale installations involving thread and reproduced hand-cut leaves, and Stephanie’s layered unconventional surface alterations all deal with a delicate balance between process and the individual.  
Using minimal materials and processes, the artists create relationships as they explore the balance between absence/presence, order/chaos, simplicity/complexity, structured/organic.  Attention is drawn to the spaces around and inside their work, creating harmony and tension as each explores these juxtapositions.

Stay tuned for more details throughout 2013!