Digital Prints for Koda

Hello Friends,
For those of you here who aren't in touch with me personally, I want to share that my White Shepherd, Koda, had her front leg amputated in June to fight osteosarcoma, a deadly bone cancer. With lots of love and high-quality supplements, she's doing great so far! However, the cost of her care is tough for a 'starving artist.' I'm pleased to announce that I've created digital manipulations of my fine art drawings to help raise money for her surgical bills and medical expenses in a NEW Etsy shop.

Please consider sharing and spreading the word! I appreciate your support. 

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Studio Blog Episode 1: Humble Beginnings

My NEW studio blog is a way for me to communicate with my intro color and design students by discussing my process as a studio artist. (Be kind, I'm not yet totally comfortable being on camera!)

Episode 1: Starting a new series of paintings and drawings, I make some initial decisions about color and composition working with graphite, charcoal and acrylic paint on paper.