Presented at FATE 2017

Presented at FATE 2017


Action Research for Curriculum Design: Fostering 21st Century Skills for Non-Majors

Hooking the Non Major Into Art: Incorporating creativity and inspiration to all!

Angela Mircsov, Lindenwood University

In a 2007 address, Cornell University’s President David Skorton stated,

“If science and technology help us to answer questions of ‘what’ and ‘how,’ the arts and humanities give us ways to confront the intangible, to contemplate the ‘why,’ to imagine, to create. If ever there were a time to nurture those skills in our young people, it is now, when our nation’s future may depend on our creativity and our ability to understand and appreciate the cultures around the world as much as on our proficiency in reading and math.”

Higher education now emphasizes skills such as creativity, problem-solving, visual literacy, and analytical reasoning. With literature correlating creative practice with building these skills, it is important to evaluate curriculum through a contemporary lens and recognize the role of visual arts in the lives and careers of non-majors.

This presentation detailed one research question of a doctoral action research study  and explore student perceptions of studio art curriculum promoting transferrable skills. Presentation participants will be invited to consider how action research can be utilized to build curriculum for non- majors to elevate studio art beyond solely a creative outlet and instead present it as a vital component of interdisciplinary curriculum.